Welcome to my little scrap of the web! Here's the place to satisfy your insatiable curiosity about the enigmatic Jamie McEwan, a.k.a. James Patrick McEwan, James Patrick George Jawbone McEwan, Big Mac the Head Hack, Dad, Mr. Boynton, The Living Legend, and Silly Boy. I answer to most.

Why would you be here? You've either read something I've written, or you've read about my "career" as a whitewater aficianado. (Or maybe you're one of my kids. Hi, guys!)

So, by clicking on the page links on your left, you may investigate each aspect at your leisure. As you might guess, lots of biographical material creeps into the Sports and Writing pages; that's why the Biography page is a bit short. 

If you wish to contact me, send an email to "question" at this URL address.


While I hide away writing a novel, I turn the news over to:

1. Sandra Boynton, who happens to be related to me through our marriage, has published the CD and CD/book combo Frog Trouble this fall. NY Times Children's bestseller list, CBS News "This Morning," all that good stuff. But best of all is the album itself, great varied music with an A-list of brand-name singers. Check it out here: FROG TROUBLE.

2. Jim Sulzer, my friend from grammer school through college roommate and beyond, has just published The Voice at the Door, A novel of Emily Dickenson. It's a new look at her work through a new take on her life story, and the blend is well-conceived, fasciinating,and well-written. Check it out from Fuze Publishing:
Answer the Question, a science-fiction short story available on Kindle


What's the opposite of edgy? This science-fiction short story. The romantic side of old-fahioned pulp. Available on Kindle (which can also be read on your computer) HERE.

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